Automatically generate RSS feeds in a Laravel application

One handy way of keeping users up-to-date on your content is creating an RSS feed. It allows them to sign up using an RSS reader. The effort to implement this feature is worth considering because the website will have another content distribution channel. Spatie, a well-known company by creating hundreds of good...

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Schedule periodic database clean-up on Laravel

For obvious reasons, database tables tend to grow in size as time passes. Therefore, it usually requires tuning from time to time to maintain queries performing well. Some common techniques are creating indexes, rewriting queries, and even redesigning the database. But there is another obvious solution that could...

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Password confirmation for sensitive actions on Laravel

I recently wrote an article about how Laravel easily allows controlling browser sessions. That article was motivated by a personal bad experience of having my cellphone stolen. To prevent other people in possession of the device from having access and being able to perform actions. But it took some time for me to...

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Invalidating sessions on other devices on Laravel

Recently I had my cellphone stolen and realized how many apps don't have a session control feature. I couldn’t log out of that device. Fortunately, Laravel provides a way to invalidate and "log out" an active user's sessions on other devices without invalidating the session on their current device. Below, I list a...

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Migrate passwords from a legacy PHP application to Laravel

Migrating a legacy PHP application to Laravel will probably require a custom hashing driver. This happens because Laravel’s default hashing driver is bcrypt and has argon as another built-in option, while MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, and SHA-512 were and still are widely...

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